Friday, July 31, 2015

Stephen Harper did NOT Save Canada !

Stephen Harper Did NOT Save Canada!

July 31, 2015 9am
by Bill Casselman  (part of my election blog for October 2015)

When The Honourable Jim Flaherty expired last April 10, 2015, I almost had to be admitted to hospital after reading certain Flaherty obituaries. Like Tennessee Williams’ Big Daddy, I smelled “mendacity.”

It is true that most obituaries, printed or spoken, are toxic with deceit, straight lies, denials and exaggerations. You’ve been there: Funeral Geek at pulpit: “Andrew’s passing was a great loss to the hardware industry!” Really. Before or after he stopped fucking his daughter?

What made the puke needle hit 100 on the old barf meter for me was the repeated falsehood in many of those obituaries that “Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty saved Canada!” 

Bullshit they did!

On recorded video and audio, you can still hear both of these traitorous partisan nincompoops assuring Canadians that tarry bitumen from Alberta’s sticky oil sands will spew profit to support Canada for centuries.

Now, as we languish in the fatal shade of 50-dollar-a-barrel oil, we can discern these “predictions” as the clueless political ignorance Tories have always spread. If you are reading and paying attention to the continuing oil price crisis, you know that many experts, looking at the daily closing of mine after mine in northern Alberta, are predicting quite a different future: experts stating that some of these tar sands projects WILL NEVER OPEN AGAIN.

As for oil being our top export to the United States, American fracking may make the purchase of even one drop of Canadian oil unnecessary FOREVER.

All the hysteria about pipelines? Pipelines to America would then become obsolete. “That’s okay,” brayed Harper and his minions of stupidity in the PMO, liquefied natural gas will save us. We’ll peddle LNG to Asia, to China, for centuries.

Oh yeah? I suggest you pay attention to current discoveries in this year of 2015. Russia has discovered vast reserves of natural gas north of China. China is this very day investing in scientific research to make liquefying Russian natural gas easy and cheap to transport via Russo-Chinese pipelines to China. All those Canadian native persons preventing pipelines from crossing British Columbia can be told to stay home. The pipeline land is yours. Powwow ‘til you drop. But you native guilt-inducers and historical crybabies may wish to contemplate the future source of your Indian welfare cheques, when Canada no longer has any Gross National Product.

To summarize my chief point: Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty bet the farm on tar sands oil. And they were 100 percent dead wrong. Harper and Flaherty failed. They plunged Canada into this recession. Their fault. They caused Harper's promised government money surplus to disappear. Their fault! Harper and Flaherty let the Canadian dollar rise sky-high against the American dollar and our entire structure of Canadian exports collapsed. Harper did it. At the same time Harper and Flaherty denied modest manufacturing subsidies to Ontario and other provinces, thus turning several "have" provinces into "have-not" beggars. Harper did it. And, having impoverished Ontario, the prancing fascist now has the gall to ask Ontario residents to vote for him again. Please wake up, folks!

I will discuss Harper’s dangerous fascist shenanigans in a future blog.

Read and find out what Stephen Harper has done to our country and rusticate Harper and the Toxic Tories as far out into the boonies and away from power as we can drive them. You've seen what a Harper minority government can do, especially its utter contempt for parliament and democratic procedure.

A good place to begin your research is the atrocity-full book of Harper evildoing written by Michael Harris: Party of One, published 2014 by Viking. 

Hard-bound ISBN: 978-0-670-06701-5

e-book ISBN: 978-0-14-319305-0

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(Friday, July 31, 2015) More Anti-Harper election blogs to follow in the next 11weeks)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NDP's Thomas Mulcair Chews The Bitter Cud of Bile

Bill Casselman’s Attack

on Thomas Mulcair’s Attack

on Justin Trudeau

Of late, there has spewed forth a shitpotful of feculent baloney spoken against rich people, as usual from the shabby-shoed, partisan tar pit of the NDP, from the embittered lips of their hirsute-and-therefore-manly leader, certifiably-once-impoverished Thomas Mulcair. A wee glance at Mulcair’s latest infantile rant is, I deem, now apt.

Only poor people can know stuff about people and help other poor people; rich people are the devil’s spawn, born evil, so apparently thinks aggressive lawyer and NDP leader, Thomas “Big Gruffy” Mulcair. What desperation! Raggedy Tom Mulcair is not only a political rival of Trudeau, he is also bent double with personal jealousy, especially in the face of how easily Justin’s good nature and friendly intelligence appealed immediately to Canadians. What a contrast is Mulcair, a bristly, angry, socialist Rumpelstiltskin with all the charisma of a shucked mollusc. “Hey there, girlie, sure, I’ll spin that there poor straw into genuine gold. Just you wait.”

Mulcair has not the least apprehension of Trudeau’s plan for legislative decency conceived, cradled and made useful by a gentle humanness. Justin’s grace is as far as you can get from Mulcair’s customary mode, a crusty bully wagging his dick. Really, is Mulcair what Ottawa needs? Another nasty lawyer? We don’t have enough political shysters on Parliament Hill? At a time when Canadian people, young and old, have no work, at a time when manufacturers have fled Canada the way Dippers flee anything marked “non-partisan,” what we need is a political party that hates business? The NDP and their staff troglodyte Mulcair are so not here.

Some days, watching the news, one can scarcely hear the sulky Mulcair through all his seething hatred of pretty well everyone who is not Thomas Mulcair. He is a spite-spitting asp of toxic loathing. I ain’t never gonna forgive nobody ‘cause I was born po’. Mulcair is always in a dark corner of Parliament, like some sad, plaintive cow, alone and chewing the bitter cud of bile.

Just read the rabid hatred and heart-souring jealousy directed against Trudeau by Mulcair’s bumboys in the soon-to-disappear gutter press. Here’s a snippet of raw odium from The National Post describing Justin Trudeau “Born on Christmas Day to the Prime Minister and his young, beautiful, wildly popular wife; raised at the centre of political life in the nation’s capital; subject to media fascination from his first day; sent off to one of the country’s most prestigious schools; rocketed back to public attention at his father’s funeral; all but acclaimed leader on his first try…”

Could Satan himself boast a more lurid bio? What a bastard that Justin Trudeau is! Had the temerity, the thoughtless audacity, to have a beautiful mother. And that rich father, Pierre Trudeau, who inherited his father’s Quebec-gas-station fortune and then passed some of his ill-gotten swag on to his own sons. The very idea of helping one’s children! Obscene! Thinks the National Post writer, not fair when I have to push a broken old Honda Civic to work every gasoline-perfumed morning through those mean Toronto streets.

Withdrawing well away from Ottawa, let us ponder now the rags-to-bitches story of a token poor person. Let’s dub this choke-throat tale as the tristful histoire of Pa Bozo who had 12 kids. 

How poor was the Bozo family? Why, they were so poor there were no decorations on their Christmas tree unless Grandpa sneezed. Them Bozos was poor as Job’s turkey: couldn’t raise more ‘n three feathers and had to lean against the barn to gobble. So flagrantly impecunious was the Bozo clan that, if the boys didn’t wake up in the morning with a hard-on, they had nothing to play with all day!

Is poverty funny? No. But sniveling about it through an entire lifetime is.

So we got Pa Bozo, a hapless loser with 12 kids he can hardly feed. Now it is safe to figure that this paternal bozo had probably been bozo-ing along for quite a number of years. Did it ever occur to Pa Bozo to maybe stop fucking for a moment or two after he had had, say, four children? Pa could hardly feed four because Pa was so poor. What to do? Pa knowed! Sure do, have six more kids and we’ll let welfare feed ‘em. Hell, boy, we’s kin have as many chillun as we want, and the “gubmint” gots to feed ‘em.

Now, because one’s Pa was a feckless fecundator does that, by sheer genetics, make his angrier male spawn an incisive analyst of Canada’s middle-class needs. Thomas Mulcair seems to think so, and, to me, that makes it quite clear that Thomas Mulcair is a partisan fantasist and a nincompoop. Is he then our preferred source of national Canadian wisdom? I think not. 

Mulcair said in one speech that rich people could never know or help the endangered Canadian middle class. Why, rich people have NEVER helped anyone but themselves. I guess when Thomas Mulcair was snarling his way through law school, he never heard of the zillionaire Franklin Delano Roosevelt and how that rich American president helped an entire nation of poor people out of a Great Depression. Robert Fulford, one of The National Post’s very good writers, reminds readers of rich upper-class Otto von Bismarck, evil 19th-century German chancellor. Writes Fulford, “In the 1880s he introduced a health program, a workers’ compensation law and an old-age pension program . . .” History is littered with good guys who were rich and their poor coevals who never stopped whining even as they vacuumed up the free food and goods.

As for Thomas Mulcair’s boast that he took a paper route at age 10 to help his family, listen, O Bearded Sage, I had a paper route at age 8. We couldn’t afford a bike for me, so I delivered the papers from the back of a limping missionary who had been to Africa and lost a leg to leprosy. I tried to hug him but his ear fell off. I had to train local birds ─ discouraged, down-on-their-luck robins ─ to ring the doorbells. Disney tried to buy my trained robins. But I couldn’t sell the tiny birds. We had to roast and eat them each night for supper. Beat that, you whining preposterous old ninny, and go peddle your papers. 

You ain’t gettin’ my vote.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Harper, A Fecal King Midas & His Munchkin Thug, Jason Kenney

Good news that Jason Kenney, Steve Harper’s peripatetic munchkin thug and bullying bagman of the Harper cabinet, got slapped across his flabby cheeks this week. Kenney’s smug, spoiled, unlived-in flapjack of a face needs several more slaps and Political Fate is going to make sure that uppity dwarf gets ‘em, smack-dab in his gob.

Although Jason Kenney is a preposterous pipsqueak of a figure, Kenney thinks of himself as Harper’s Grand Intimidator, a quite suitable fantasy for even the grubbiest little fascist.

This week in Calgary, in one of Harper’s typical violations of democratic procedure, one of the candidates whom Harper wished not to run for office in the Calgary riding of Signal Hill, Ron Liepert, had the temerity to win that very same nomination. That, in an Alberta that Harper thinks of as His province, as his very own prairie toilet paper. That, among partisan, dyed-in-the-bitumen myrmidons, tar-sands Tories to whom Jason Kenney had just delivered orders from Steve Harper NOT to vote for Liepert.

With public gusto, Mr. Liepert told the squalid homunculus (Kenney) “to mind his own business.” It is my delight to quote candidate Liepert further: “Minister Kenney . . . should go into his own riding and try and get re-elected in his own riding and quit monkeying around at other nominations...anywhere in this province.”

Let’s hope more conservatives begin to suspect and loudly revolt against bully orders from a Prime Minister’s Office that daily keeps fucking up. Harper, like a fecal King Midas, sees everything he lately touches turn to shit. 

We’ve watched as parliamentary procedures bore Steve so deeply that he merely prorogues the house and lurks in his cave until the “bad winds” blow by. 

Time-honoured constitutional procedures actually frighten Steve. Look how, even as you read this, Harper is seeking to pass legislation altering the very way we vote by means of changes that will favor massively the Tories. An editorial in the Globe & Mail summed up Harper's "rotten" tactics well when it spoke of : ". . . the Conservative government's plan to muzzle the chief electoral officer, to introduce partisanship into electoral administration, to make it harder for eligible voters to get on the voters' list and generally to create suspicion about the impartiality of the whole system." 

In case any Canucks are interested, these are ploys favored by Mussolini, Beria, Stalin, Mugabe, Hussein, Idi Amin Dada, Pol Pot and Vlad the Impaler, the entire horror-show of scuzzoids who have moisted and left to fester on the gore-smeared steps of history every useful legislative decency conceived by a gentle and intelligent humanity.

Have Canadians risen in alert and angry protest? Nope. Still home suckin’ on a beer, stooped in front of the boob tube watching the game. Suddenly there cometh a dull knock on the front door. Creeeaaak. Omigod! It’s Jason Kenney in a black-felt robe, with a hood over his tiny head and a large sickle in his hand. Trouble is, the blade of his sickle is worn so dull, it doesn’t cut it anymore.