Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Now You Can Screw Your Way into Stephen Harper's Favour!

Why Stephen Harper Hides His True Religious Feelings

When presented with poor or down-trodden or churchless Canadian citizens, one has only to look into Stephen Harper’s unlived-in, flabby, spoiled face to see clearly his sneer. It is the disdain of a wealthy dowager viewing a dung-beetle through her lorgnette. The caption bubble above Miss Harper’s pod-like head reads: Ewwwww!

Evangelical Christians on the extreme far-right like Harper often coyly avoid any clear enunciation of personal religious views. Harper keeps his crucifix close to his vest for a reason. Professor emeritus Ben Carniol, in an August 24, 2015, Toronto Star piece entitled "Stephen Harper is out of step with Jewish values" wrote this: "In 2014, Dr. Warren Bell's well-researched article in the Vancouver Observer noted Harper's membership and attendance at Ottawa's East Gate Alliance Church, whose controversial pastor claimed that the Muslim faith authorizes the persecution of Christians, and that the Muslim world wants to gain world dominance." 

Is that fanatic, Islamophobic bias the only wacko notion that Harper's god harbours? What about the giant bumblebees from the planet Nargon who have landed in Labrador with their nefarious plan to mongrelize the White Race?!?!?! 

Once scratched, the born-again stigmata of religious fanatics ooze the purulence of malice, loathing and rancor. As a guest, I've attended Sunday morning sermons where the only topic is: Who shall we hate this week?

Yes, Harper knows his bizarre, evangelical bigotries are anathema to a majority of Canadians of good will: his violent objection to abortion, sex education, loathing of homosexuality, his hatred of Canadians who don’t get married and have two children like obedient little fecundator Stevie did.

Sexual Congress Today at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 pm

Families are helped by Steve’s hoard of Ottawa pre-election-only handout sleazoids, but single Canadians? No way! The duty of the hapless unmarried Canadian is to shape up, search the neighbourhood, mount a convenient spouse as soon as possible, perform major-league insertion, do your reproductive obbligato and breed more Canadians, preferably in a manner reminiscent of hormone day at a mink ranch.

Having popped their spawn into Canada’s sickly population growth, they and their children then have the sole duty to buy stuff. The only societal function of hoi polloi, in Stephen Harper’s view, is to breed, then to consume.

In fact, Harper’s general view of lower-class or middle-class Canadian citizens is: they are meant to buy stuff from the rich people who own factories and give Stephen Harper money to keep winning elections. Rich people are winners, the only segment of the Canadian population worth even a moment of consideration. Poor people are losers. Although a Harper government has to pretend to want to help the downtrodden, they are really, in Harper’s view, a waste of protoplasm, eternal losers who might be better employed if their bodies could be used as fertilizer.

Should Canadians of ordinary income have any small criticisms of their lot in life, why they are enjoined to keep their mutinous lips shut. Don’t complain or Harper will find one in a variety of modes to punish you, for example perhaps through misuse of government departments, like continual CRA harassment about your income tax if you are a charity with aims not in keeping with Conservative nastiness.

Or maybe Harper will sic the RCMP on you. They certainly proved they know how to protect Canada from unarmed Polish visitors. Taser them to death. So do be afraid. Be very afraid. Not of ISIS but of the fact that Mounties always get their man.

His Tory Meanness

Why are right-wingers and hypocritical evangelicals so mean, so ungenerous, so petty, selfish and greedy? True, some cross-clutchers were severely damaged by life. Their Mommy may have left home early. Mommy may have taken one look at Daddy with his clothes off at age 40, at his tiny feet, and promptly eloped with a Sasquatch driving a scuffed Lexus. Indeed, such a skedaddle might embitter the sunniest of lads. 

But the opposite flicker of fortune also produces a Conservative nastiness. One may be so untouched by fate, so unshaken by bumps on life’s road, so fortunate that one cannot even conceive of other people’s hard times. You have perhaps met this type? As Jesus’ special little sunbeams, cosseted by cooing nannies, they gagged on silver spoons. Harper has never been wounded by existence and so remains quite unsympathetic to any underling who has had to struggle to keep a survivor’s head held above poverty, above the humiliation of the dole, the snobbish leer of a handout, a foodbank smirk from some wealthy grande dame who is slumming this morning at the Sally Ann.

Only winners interest the social misfit that is Harper. Rich people who own hammer factories don’t whine or have inconvenient babies or need welfare or have a son who elopes in a bright gingham frock for dancing lessons with his male basketball coach. Also, the industrial greedsters have oodles of cash to flood Conservative moneyboxes.

For these reasons and more, Stephen Harper crouches behind the billowy robes of his strange Christian saviour, awaiting only the whistle and klaxon of the poverty round-up to begin herding these impoverished undesirables into suitable “camps.”

written by Bill Casselman

Recommended reading: use the link below to read The Tyee’s free, online list of 70 FASCIST Abuses of Power by Stephen Harper.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Harper: The Guru of Glitch, the Emperor of Fuck-Up

Stephen Harper: Economic Goof &

Stumblebum Blundermaster

Alive from Ottawa: Dead Wrong

Stephen Harper’s Vision for Canada? Ha! Steve got every single economic factor dead wrong. Canada, dreamed Harper, would become a giant energy superpower and would bestride the world wagging a massive Canuck energy dick at all other countries. Nyah-nyah, Earth! Look at My Big Oil Weenie! What an infantile, duplicitous buffoon and mouth-breathing brain-stem Stephen Harper has turned out to be.

What happened? The price of gooey, toxic tar-sands oil dove into the toilet, along with Canada’s century-long reputation as “hewers of wood and drawers of water” and our rep as one of the world’s good guy countries. Down the spout. Copper? Down. Potash? Down. Iron Ore? Down. Commodities, the only international valuables Canadians at present have to sell to the world, have crashed in price and they are down for the count, no matter what Harper’s core vote of illiterate nincompoops and Grade-Three dropouts may hope for.

All Hail Our Strong Manufacturing!

Like Germany or Sweden, Canada might have been able to fall back for economic support on a vibrant manufacturing base.

Except we don’t have one, thanks to Stephen Harper’s blowing the whole national wad on tar-sands oil and starving Canadian manufacturers of government start-up help. In cahoots with that treacherous, malignant Irish dwarf, Jim Flaherty, Harper denied subsidies to Canadian entrepreneurs who wanted to try manufacturing our raw products for value added and then sell the manufactured product abroad at a higher margin of profit. Canadian planners and look-ahead economists spoke of this need for manufacturing long before the disastrous decade of Generalissimo Harper’s rule.

Harper apparently cannot understand the value of manufacturing. Almost raw, polluting oil was the only vision Harper could behold.

Then partisan Tory co-conspirator Jim Flaherty made sure to deny his own province of Ontario manufacturing assistance. His own province! The dirty, lousy traitor! May Flaherty squirm in Hell, turned on a slow spit because Hell was also denied a manufacturing subsidy for electric rĂ´tisseries. Wrapped tight around the hot spit by means of burnt Canadian bonds, may Flaherty be hand-turned by a squad of minimum-wage, incompetent leprechauns. Fuck that little Conservative weasel!

Screw Canada! Long as I Win!

Now we have the start of Harper’s really expensive, long election campaign and we have his smirking, nodding reassurance that things are mostly pretty good, that a Canadian future which may evolve into 25 years of low oil prices is just a blip, just a temporal blob of tarry bitumen stuck to our summer flip-flops, a mere smudge we can flick off like a crushed bug. So Steve has selected denial of Canada’s sinking economic fortunes as his best mode for personal electoral progress. That’s quite bright in the light of recent world history! By the way, Steve, ask Greeks how economic denial has worked for them? How’s it goin’, you happy Hellenes!

Harperian I.Q.

Conservative party ideologues love to gather clustered like lickspittle toadies at the feet of that brazen Colossus Steve and, as they gaze up adoringly heavenward, their eyes glazed and blinded with hero worship, these low-cast party hacks and cringers are wont to murmur awestruck about Stephen Harper’s encompassing intelligence.

But if one sifts through twenty years of the desiccated dross and flaky lees of Harper’s collected speeches and pronunciamientos, one does not discover a lively intellect. In fact, one finds a rigid, partisan mind incapable of lively analytic gesture. One observes Stephen Harper’s inability to see multiple points of view, the total lack of a frisky sense of inquiry which can dodge and dart between various answers and take notice of what is sound in widely varying opinions. That has never been Harper’s way. He decided something at the age of 18. Now, as bloated Mr. Potato-Head toddles and staggers into stumblebum pre-senility, lo and behold! Old Dad Harper hasn’t changed his mind on anything. Because, dear hearts, he has no mind to change.

A proper adjective for Stephen Harper is not intelligent, but crafty. He’s a good sneak and a vindictive punisher of all who disagree with him. A seldom-used learned adjective that is appropriate for Steve is callid ‘abounding in cunning, malignantly shrewd.’

Do you want four more years of callid? I don’t.

Written by Bill Casselman

August 04, 2015 

Suggested Further Reading: The Carbon Bubble: What Happens to us When it Bursts
by Jeff Rubin, published by Random House Canada, 2015
ISBN 978-0-345-81469-2
e-Book ISBN 978-0-345-8147-5

(Casselman says: "This is an excellent summary of the muddle in which Harper left Canada, and contains intelligent ideas about how we may save ourselves from the disaster designed by Harper and his cabinet of thugs.")

Friday, July 31, 2015

Stephen Harper did NOT Save Canada !

Stephen Harper Did NOT Save Canada!

July 31, 2015 9am
by Bill Casselman  (part of my election blog for October 2015)

When The Honourable Jim Flaherty expired last April 10, 2015, I almost had to be admitted to hospital after reading certain Flaherty obituaries. Like Tennessee Williams’ Big Daddy, I smelled “mendacity.”

It is true that most obituaries, printed or spoken, are toxic with deceit, straight lies, denials and exaggerations. You’ve been there: Funeral Geek at pulpit: “Andrew’s passing was a great loss to the hardware industry!” Really. Before or after he stopped fucking his daughter?

What made the puke needle hit 100 on the old barf meter for me was the repeated falsehood in many of those obituaries that “Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty saved Canada!” 

Bullshit they did!

On recorded video and audio, you can still hear both of these traitorous partisan nincompoops assuring Canadians that tarry bitumen from Alberta’s sticky oil sands will spew profit to support Canada for centuries.

Now, as we languish in the fatal shade of 50-dollar-a-barrel oil, we can discern these “predictions” as the clueless political ignorance Tories have always spread. If you are reading and paying attention to the continuing oil price crisis, you know that many experts, looking at the daily closing of mine after mine in northern Alberta, are predicting quite a different future: experts stating that some of these tar sands projects WILL NEVER OPEN AGAIN.

As for oil being our top export to the United States, American fracking may make the purchase of even one drop of Canadian oil unnecessary FOREVER.

All the hysteria about pipelines? Pipelines to America would then become obsolete. “That’s okay,” brayed Harper and his minions of stupidity in the PMO, liquefied natural gas will save us. We’ll peddle LNG to Asia, to China, for centuries.

Oh yeah? I suggest you pay attention to current discoveries in this year of 2015. Russia has discovered vast reserves of natural gas north of China. China is this very day investing in scientific research to make liquefying Russian natural gas easy and cheap to transport via Russo-Chinese pipelines to China. All those Canadian native persons preventing pipelines from crossing British Columbia can be told to stay home. The pipeline land is yours. Powwow ‘til you drop. But you native guilt-inducers and historical crybabies may wish to contemplate the future source of your Indian welfare cheques, when Canada no longer has any Gross National Product.

To summarize my chief point: Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty bet the farm on tar sands oil. And they were 100 percent dead wrong. Harper and Flaherty failed. They plunged Canada into this recession. Their fault. They caused Harper's promised government money surplus to disappear. Their fault! Harper and Flaherty let the Canadian dollar rise sky-high against the American dollar and our entire structure of Canadian exports collapsed. Harper did it. At the same time Harper and Flaherty denied modest manufacturing subsidies to Ontario and other provinces, thus turning several "have" provinces into "have-not" beggars. Harper did it. And, having impoverished Ontario, the prancing fascist now has the gall to ask Ontario residents to vote for him again. Please wake up, folks!

I will discuss Harper’s dangerous fascist shenanigans in a future blog.

Read and find out what Stephen Harper has done to our country and rusticate Harper and the Toxic Tories as far out into the boonies and away from power as we can drive them. You've seen what a Harper minority government can do, especially its utter contempt for parliament and democratic procedure.

A good place to begin your research is the atrocity-full book of Harper evildoing written by Michael Harris: Party of One, published 2014 by Viking. 

Hard-bound ISBN: 978-0-670-06701-5

e-book ISBN: 978-0-14-319305-0

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(Friday, July 31, 2015) More Anti-Harper election blogs to follow in the next 11weeks)