Sunday, October 4, 2015

Harper’s Holy Grail of Hatred may Hold the Chaliced Kool-Aid of his Political Ruin

Eek! Niqabs are Baaaack!

Niqabs on CBC TV! Double Eek!

Bigots’ Hit List by Little Steve Harper

The wearing of any kind of Muslim veil or head-covering, like a niqab, is a totally meaningless wedge issue, another method by which a vile Stephen Harper seeks eagerly to make different Canadians hate each other, and then for such hatred to turn into votes for the Conservative Party of Canada. How noble a quest, Sir Stephen! You’ll be sipping from the cup of the Holy Grail quite soon, eh Harper? I pray the chaliced liquid is the Kool-Aid of your political ruin.

Internecine, divisive odium aimed at Canadians has been Harper’s low ploy for ten years. The idea that a government official could not ascertain competent identification of a person wearing a veil before a citizenship ceremony is utter nonsense. But Harper and his poll-minions, his stat-gnomes and squirmy myrmidons, have determined that uneducated Quebeckers hate “Ay-rabs, Muslims and Camel-niggers.”

So Harper brays from every pulpit and podium of loathing at his command that he, God Steve, will stop the niqab. We Canucks, most of us sick and tired of this glum bully-despot, have listened to Harper spew out code words designed to share, in dog-whistle words, his core-voters’ hatred of aboriginal people, abortion-approvers, gays, immigrants…the list never ends for these born-again Jesus bigots. Their Sunday morning mantra remains: who can we hate this week?

Don’t join Harper on his niqab-hating sortie. The ambush of logic and true Christian compassion await, just over the next ridge of October 19.

Concerning Mother Corp or Corpse?

Pay no attention either to Harper’s bald lies about the CBC. Last week he told gloating separatists on a private radio station in Quebec City what they pine to hear: namely that CBC troubles are low ratings caused by rotten programs. Stephen Harper’s relentless budget cuts to CBC for ten straight years have lowered CBC’s ability to make programs that would get ratings. Steve declined to mention that hard fact.

Harper’s deep hatred of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is centered on its once excellent radio and TV news divisions. They too have been sorely wounded by Harper budget slashings. Harper and the Tories hate the CBC because, like all fascists, they do not want a free press and its impartial analyses of government action. What’s the first thing that every modern thug-dictator did? Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Lenin. On stealing power, they muzzled free speech and all independent media of their day.

Harper’s Tories want tame media they can bribe. They tend to like the pro-Tory CTV network news, some of which is so flagrantly biased as to take your breath away. If you want an example of utterly bent, bad reporting and are within viewing range, check out some night at 6 pm CFTO’s Queens’ Park reporter, Paul Bliss. Some nights, reporting on the current Ontario government, Paul is so full of anti-Liberal hatred that he literally salivates in rage as he delivers into the camera the most skewed, lying nonsense he can confect. 

Of course, Bliss is only being a loyal sycophant and fart-catcher for his rich, powerful bosses, most of whom pour money into Harper campaign funds. But still, one might think Paul Bliss would attempt to achieve the occasional non-partisan broadcast. Not our Paul. He has kissed so much Tory ass his lips have worn off. This cringing, meeping, lickspittle toady has no business delivering any kind of news over what are still public airwaves. CTV does not own Canadian airwaves; they have only been given the right to use airwaves and they owe it to Canadian viewers to try to present even-handed reportage once-in-awhile. So far, in this viewer’s opinion, they have failed.

Harper loathes the CBC. Throughout his career, as CBC has analysed and criticized his political actions, he has accused CBC of liberal bias. Right! Anyone who has disagreed with Harper is a commie leftist. In fact, impartial analyses of CBC news content shows that it too tends toward tame, timid, mildly right-wing points of view. Canada, in cold fact, has almost no “liberal” news outlets.

So, even bedraggled and rightist-tainted, we need the CBC as an alternative to CTV’s brassy Toryism. CBC is a poor thing but our own. Please don’t allow Stephen Harper to destroy a valuable Canadian news source. But make no mistake. That is precisely Harper’s intention: the total dismemberment of CBC, as soon as possible.

Vote ABC. Anyone But Conservative.

Harper’s Holy Grail of Hatred may Hold the Chaliced Kool-Aid of his Political Ruin.