Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stephen Harper: Worst Talent Picker in Canadian Political History

Reviewing One of Steve’s Weirder Choices


A Comment on The Globe and Mail Telling us to Vote Conservative

I plunge back into my December, 2012 blog file to remind you of one of Stephen Harper’s weirder political choices, Hangin’ Judge Vic Toews.

Imagine a man so gnarled and so twisted with hatred of his fellow humans and so abysmally petty of heart that he dreams up taking pizza away from jailed prisoners! That'll learn 'em, right, Vic? What a punishment-lunatic Toews is!

And that from a public figure toting a life record that is far from spotless.

When Judge Toews is not busy impregnating stray women around the house to whom he is not married or cheating on his election finances, Vic displays that peculiar Mennonite love of sneaky punishment so dear to born-again wackos: Git them Christless varmints! Kick 'em! Gouge 'em! Disembowel those unbelievers! Tar ‘n’ feather ‘em and ride ‘em outa town on a mule with mange!

Absurd vengeance is a childish trait that Toews shares completely and utterly with the born-again Harper. So many of the evangelical fruitcakes seethe and fester for a physical retribution for their perceived enemies. Yes siree, Vic, dem sinners gots ta pay.

Harper kept appointing the crazy Mennonite to government cabinet posts because, on Harper’s cue, Vic would foam and rage like the right-wing nincompoop he is. Vic would announce all the punitive new laws that Harper, true to his fascist heart, knows are not good to retain centrist votes that might be needed at election time. So, why not throw the Wal-Mart Avenger at the do-badders? Let Vic catch the shit and let Harper lurk behind him, all safe and voteful.

If you want to read a good summary of Toews' pathetic public record of little-boy meanness, check out the Wikipedia entry on him.

No pizza, ye shackled infidels, 'cause you've been baaaad and Jesus don’t luv yuh no more.

Geez, have we Canadians no shame? How can we permit this childish government to continue to make us the laughing stock of nations?

(above written in December, 2014)

It is not enough on Monday, October 19, 2015, to vote Liberal; vote to give Trudeau a thundering majority, so Justin and all Canadians of good will and Christian common sense can begin to undo all the soulless Harper fascism of his last, tedious ten years, a decade during which my beloved Canada has suffered the worst Prime Minister this country has ever endured.

Note on The Globe & Mail Declaring for The Tories!

Globe and Mail editorials are blindly partisan, pro-business advertisements. But this morning, even the perpetual Tory rag made of itself a laughing stock.

The Globe editorial bent logic backwards and bent itself into a pretzel shape in the most comic convolution of its many forays into defending the obscenely rich and their corporate pollutions.

On this crisp dawn Ebenezer Globe stated that Canadians should vote for the Conservatives and hope that, when the PCs win on Monday, Stephen Harper will immediately resign! The Globe posited that nonsense as a serious, cogent suggestion!

According to the fervently pro-greed newspaper, we must vote Tory because the Liberals have borrowed their entire platform from Harper! Which platform was that, O Globe and Mail? Government secrecy? Blatant racism? Toxic Tar-Sands Extraction? Abuse of Canadian Veterans? Selection of Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin as Harper-picked Senators?

Lady Globe, viewing Canada, as usual, through her lorgnette like a dowager observing a dung beetle, did not deign to list what the Liberals have stolen from the noble Conservative Party of Canada. But, never mind. There simply must not be a Liberal majority. Why, some rich readers of the Globe might actually have to pay tax!

Never mind. When the revolution comes, and the rich are extracted by force from their limousines and beheaded at Front and Bay Streets, the Globe and Mail will be recommending that poor people should lie down in the roadway and permit chauffeurs of the wealthy to drive over their bodies. 

The editorial writers of the Globe and Mail need to withdraw their noses from the assholes of rich businessmen and take an occasional breath of non-fecal air. The rest of Canada has done so.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Harper, Millions of Canadians Hate your Fascist Guts

S. Harper: “This election is not about me.”

Bill Casselman: “Bullshit!”

Another Untruth from Stephen Harper, Canada’s King of Cover-Ups & Snow Jobs

Polls and ordinary Canadians tell Stephen Harper that he is personally one of the most hated elected officials in the entire history of Canada. So what do Steve’s handlers write for Harper to say during this final, hopefully fatal week of Harper campaigning? “This election is not about me.” Utter twaddle, Harper. And dead wrong.

Millions of your fellow Canadians hate your fascist guts, Steve; hate the right-wing bullies and born-again nutbars you have infested Ottawa with. Vic “Here Come duh Judge” Toews? Jason Kenney? Stockwell Day? Senator Mike Duffy? The Honourable Pamela Wallin? These personal selections by Harper are Canada’s best? Maybe if one were chauffeuring interviewees to a convention of psychiatrists.

Fumbling admissions in a recent, excellent Globe & Mail interview of Stephen Harper by Roy MacGregor were devastating. I don’t think MacGregor or Harper realized the psychological Harperian deficits revealed in that interview, which I hereinafter paraphrase. Harper said that throughout his life he has not paid a lot of attention to people (!) What else is there, Steve? Barn owls? Hockey pucks? Bar-room pianos?

Harper admitted he has not recognized or rewarded individuals’ assistances, needs or accomplishments because he was too busy completing ordained tasks. Who ordained them? God, of course. That is precisely how Harper has governed. Not for a single nanosecond, has Steve ever thought to test approval of his airy and nefarious projects on other human beings who might become subject to unpleasant strictures arising from Harper’s breezy, flippant, hypothetical guesswork? Not once.

In his self-obtunding arrogance, Uncle Steve knows what’s best for all of us.

For example, I did not and no other Canadian gave Stephen Harper the authority to turn my once open and benevolent government into a data-denying, science-squelching fortress of secrecy and infantile sneakiness. No consent from Canadian electors told Steve to build more prisons so that more aboriginal young men could be tossed into the hoosegaw because it pleased Mennonite punishment-lunatics like Judge Vic Toews.

No imprimatur for a Prime Minister of Canada to deny global warming or tar-sands pollution came forth from any company of Canadians except the selfish corporate greedsters of the Oil Patch, the no-tax-paying elite who wish to gob and swill at the hog-trough of glut forever. Do the skies of our earth darken with toxins? Who cares? Our white oil sheiks just bought their fifth Lexuses.

Harper’s careless fascism received no thumbs-up from any Canadian, except partisan robot-puppets like that odious parrot, Jason Kenney. An example of a recent tweet from our lickspittle Minister of Multiculturalism? “Best wishes to Canada's Hindu community and all celebrating the start of Navratri tonight!” Kissy-kissy. Puke-puke. There is no abasement to special interests, no coddling of favours, no symbolic anolingus to which this rotund toady will not stoop. Once you get past the smell, you have it licked, eh, Jason?

I pine for the day when I see Jason Kenney driving a Calgary bus. But what future may I conjure for Uncle Steve? Perhaps, tossed into the garbage bin of history where he so justly deserves to dwell, Stephen Harper could start work on his next book, of which a speculative title might be Did Hitler Play Hockey?

Vote for whoever in your community can soundly defeat Stephen Harper and his squalid squad of cross-clutching zealots.